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Why is Pinarai Vijayan destroying CPM party in Kerala by allowing women in Sabarimala?

Is it to project the image of a tough person, as it is popularly believed? No, not at all.
Is he is under the control of Amith Shah?
He is actually trying to save his own skin ..... Why & How?

Outwardly CPM and BJP are known as the bitterest enemy. So political pundits, politicians etc. are at a loss to understand why Pinarai Vijayan is taking a stand in Kerala allowing women in Sabarimala; which will have a heavy backlash against CPM. Not only CPM, but Congress also may loose some votes to BJP. The only party that may gain from such a decision is the BJP.

While I was talking to the deputy resident editor of a pro-Left English daily in Vijayawada in September, he told me that he was sure Pinarai Vijayan was somehow under the control of Modi. But he told me he couldn’t find how Amit Shah was able to control Vijayan. Not only him, but many suspect that.

I can explain how Pinarai Vijayan is Controlled by Amit Shah. It is through Lavlin case & Political Murder Cases against CPM.

In SNC Lavlin case, there is clear evidence against Pinarai Vijayan. The case is that he obtained more than Rs. 100 crore as commission from the Canadian company when he was the Electricity Minister. [Actually the graft is Rs. 200 Crore plus as 100 crores was later allotted illegally]. But the trail court acquitted Vijayan despite clear evidences. The reason given by court for acquittal was quite illogical.

[It is a clear case of corruption by the Judge – A CBI probe should be ordered against the Judge. It is also another indicator of the corruption in the Judiciary. A New law should be passed to make probe against Judges easier. Now the corrupt Judges are hiding under the ‘Contempt of Court” law. This law should be limited for not obeying a order passed by a court by a Government official or the Elected Representative. An Amendment to this law should be passed against the Misuse of this law by Judges; against a person for criticizing them.]

Amit Shah has collected all evidences against Pinarai Vijayan and can indict him with CBI any moment he wants. As Vijayan is being considered by BJP/RSS as the leader behind the murder of a large number of cadres, in Kannur and elsewhere, it is quite a surprise for anyone, that they had not moved to indict him, after BJP came to power in the centre. Here is the surprise.

Instead of moving against him in either the Lavlin case, for which clear evidences exist for corruption, or in political murders, for which evidences can be obtained, the superior intelligent Amith Shah decided to do another thing. Use Pinarai Vijayan for their own purpose using the above cases as a tool to control him, and force him to obey their orders. Of course all this would be done secretly, without even their own leaders in the know. There could be even another hook over some secret undisclosed case or some other illegal activity by Vijayan or Family, of which Shah has collected clear evidence.

Therefore Comrade Vijayan, since he became CM, is meekly obeying him in forwarding the policies of BJP. It shows the superior intelligence of the BJP leaders over the CPM. Kerala people are surprised that Vijayan does not criticize Modi at all since he became CM. This clearly explains that also. When Chandrababu Naidu, Mamatha Banerjee and Vijayan met Arvind Kejriwal in Delhi to support his sit-in in the Governor’s residence, the face of Vijayan was of high uneasiness and fear written all over it, whereas the other two person’s face had firm resolve. He may have been afraid of the whacking he will get from Amit Shah for such an act. But he had no choise as he may have been instructed by PB and he will be at loss to explain to the Media why he didn’t support Delhi CM along with others. The Amit-Shah’s-Control-over-Pinarai-Vijayan-through-Lavlin-Case explains all those.

In the mean time, I think Vijayan didn’t obey some command from Amit Shah. The CBI suddenly filed a review petition in the higher court, a few months back. Then all became silent. Vijayan started obeying again.

Puzzle of Amith Sha’s Action during Chengannur By-Election is solved here

Three days before the hotly contested Chengannur By-Election, the State Chief of BJP Kummanam Rajashekharan was suddenly removed [for all practical purposes – and made a Governor in North East]. Opposition Leader Ramesh Chennithala of Congress, who suddenly developed some love for Kummanam, cried loudly that the Commander was removed a immediately before the battle, and the BJP is now a ‘headless force”. The BJP got about 10,000 votes less than the previous election.
The Kerala RSS and BJP have been conducting Chintan Baitaks [brainstorming sections] on a daily basis since then on why Amit Shah, known as an exhaustive strategist, made such a big folly. Actually it was not at all a stupidity by him, but a calculated move to make CPM win.

There was no chance at all of CPM winning Chengannur By-Election as Hundreds of acts of Violence by Kerala Police took place under his rule. There were other numerous scandals and problems in the CPM rule that CPM was sure to lose it by a Huge margin, maybe by 30,000 votes. But CPM won by about 20,000 votes.

If Vijayan loses that election, his actions would have come under more criticism, and more importantly scrutiny by the Media and in his own party. This was something Amith Shah wanted to avoid at any cost, as that would prevent Vijayan from carrying out policies in favour of BJP.

Pinarai Vijayan also used Orthodox Church Sex Scandal to get votes for CPM. [ see my article: Pinarai Vijayan a clear failure in all fronts; is a Laingika Mukyamantri [Sexual Chief Minister] indulging in Laingika Bharanam [Sexual Administration].]

Sabarimala Issue.

In Sabarimala issue, the CPM is certain to loose a large number of Hindu votes, especially of the devotees of that shrine. Still Vijayan took a stand which will will backlash heavily on his own party. It doesn’t need much brain to understand the danger of such a decision. If still he went ahead with such a decision, that clearly shows that there was heavy pressure on him, from outside.

The Women’s Wall
It may seem that the Women’s Wall organized by him was a strong anti-BJP move, but really it is not. Shah has no problem in Vijayan organising that as he is ready to give the latter some breathing space, otherwise strong resentment may rise against the CM within the CPM. This will prevent him from carrying out Shah’s orders in future.
There is also an advantage for BJP in it. When CPM organizes a move against the temple, the pious Hindus will rally more behind the BJP.

The Biggest Puzzle in CPM History is Solved here.

Pinarai Vijayan & Prakash Karat took the stand that no co-operation should be made with Congress at all against BJP. It was a big surprise to political circles as that went totally against the stated stand of CPM that their primary enemies are “Fascists” [read RSS/BJP]. Secondly Congress was only in a few states and too weak to create any real wrong doing. Thirdly the same Karat co-operated with Congress, pretending to be a master strategist. So the stand by them didn’t make any sense.

Amit-Shah’s-Control-over-Pinarai-Vijayan-through-Lavlin-Case clearly solves that Puzzle. And many other mysteries. Karat may also have got a percentage of the Lavlin bounty. So may be the case with many leaders in Kannur lobby. Vijayan is a clever person, he will share the Lavlin corruption amount with the party, other Kannur lobby leaders and Karat.
Therefore under the instructions of Amit Shah, Pinarai and Karat made them strongly opposes any co-operation with Congress, without telling the others the real reason behind their opposing. Yechuri may know what is happening, or may have guessed it, but couldn’t say it publicly, for obvious reasons.

As you can see the real reason for his stand is not even an attempt to project himself as a strong leader. Comrade Pinarai Vijayan
is actually only trying to save his own skin.


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