Who ALL are Attacking Dijo Thomas?


Who are Attacking Dijo Thomas?


The Reason


  1. Those involved in the Murder of Sri. K T Varkey, Poovanolickal House, Vakathanam PO, Kottayam, who was my grandfather.

[1990s onwards]

Culprits: They are 1. Jossy Kondody,

2. PV Thomas, Poovanolickal House [My Father, whom I discarded at the age of 22 as he was involved in the murder of his father & because he is Highly Negative Character ]

3. Bossy Kondody [brother of Jossy Kondody], 4. Cousin Tijo Kondody, 5. Chakkappan Kondody [ex Panchayat President, father of Jossy Kondody & Bossy Kondody ]- Kondody House, Eravuchira PO, Kottayam

4. Children of Jossy Kondody & Bossy Kondody

Jossy Kondody is the brain behind the murder of K. T Varkey & the main accused.


I had send many letters via E-Mail to Chief Justice of Kerala High Court Repeatedly, requesting CBI probe in the case as the local Police is easily influenced by the accused through bribes & they have many dealings with Top Police Officers.


Jossy Kondody & others considered me as an enemy while I was in tenth standard [1991] as I had questioned their Christian Fanaticsm:


1. I abandoned Christianity.


2. I opposed their efforts to convert Hindus to Roman Catholics as it is not Ethical & will create communal violence . [In late 80s & early 90s]


3. Their fraud in collecting lakhs of Rupees in the name of starting an orphanage & not taking care of even one person. [In late 80s & early 90s]


4. Jossy Kondody & others very well knew that one day I will complaint higher authorities about their Murder of K T Varkey. To scuttle that, they have been circulating false accusations against me [with the help of Top officers in Police who are their friends] so that others will not trust me & nobody will belive me when I say that K T Varkey had been murdered by them.







  1. Roman Catholics & other Christian Fanatics [1990s onwards]

1. I abandoned Christianity.

2. I opposed their efforts to convert Hindus to Roman Catholics as it is not Ethical & will create communal violence


  1. Former CM Oommen Chandy From [1998 onwards]


  1. Oommen Chandy is a Christian Fanatic but conceals it very effectively. He helps them whenever possible.
  2.  Oommen Chandy is very close to Jossy Kondody & Family, who had been Targeting Dijo Thomas since his Childhood. They are also Congress Party workers under Oommen Chandy & is only 5 KM from their house.
  3. Oommen Chandy had been helping Jossy Kondody & Group against Dijo Thomas, including influencing the Kerala Police to Illegally Tap his Phones & E-Mails.
  4. Oommen Chandy is the Filthiest Politician that I have ever seen


 4. Kerala Police & Kerala Police Special Branch

As they are easily influenced by Oommen Chandy / CPM / Pinarai Vijayan / Bribes.

There is a Pro-Christian Cell in Kerala Police which influences cases like Abaya Murder by the then Bishop, Priests, Nuns etc. & Multiple Rapes by Bishop Franco


5. RSS & BJP

1. They are afraid that he may explain the Rafale Deal much better than Rahul Gandhi

2. They are mainly Fooled by Roman Catholics & other Christian Fanatics into thinking that Dijo Thomas is against them. They even bribe a Few district level & lower level leaders by money & ‘GIFTS”


6. CPM & Pinarai Vijayan

Two false cases were charged against Dijo Thomas in 2018 by CPM Government. It was an attempt to Scilence an Activist by Charging false Cases for supporting many Human Rights issues, including another Sreejith’s strike for Justice before the Kerala Secretariat, which has now passed 1000 days, as the government, both Congress and CPM is supporting the three Police officers who killed his brother.

[You can read the details [ Also about the Two false cases ] in HumanRights.rf.gd].

Till these Two false cases were charged against Dijo Thomas in 2018 by CPM Government; there were NOT even a Single Case Filed against Dijo Thomas All his Life.

You can read about the 2 cases here:

1. NHRC - Kozhikode Incident

2. Criminal Conspiracy by Advocate Sarath Chandran, Vinod Koshi of Dynamic Action, Jossy Kondody etc.

Read DijoThomas.com > /Articles: Pinarai-Vijayan-a-Sexual-Chief-Minister.htm


7. Central Government

Against Dijo Thomas for supporting many Human Rights issues. As he is an Activist.

[See also 5. RSS & BJP]



8. IB

[See 5. RSS & BJP]

There is also a Pro-Christian Secret Cell in IB


9. Christian Fanatics in Congress

[ See 2. Roman Catholics & other Christian Fanatics]


In Andhra Pradesh & Other Places that he visit, the RSS & BJP, Christian Fanatics, CPM, , IB, Kerala Police & Kerala Police Special Branch have been regularly following him.

There have been some attempts to slow poison him.

Why does Dijo Thomas have a Large number of Enemies?

A Person whose Truthfullness is high above the Societie's Truthfullness , will have a Large number of Enemies

Dijo Thomas adamnantly holds on to Truthfullness, in Words & Deeds, which is absent in Majority of the Society.

This strong regard for Truthfullness has earned him a lot of Enemies.

For eg: When he Discovered Neelagiri Tiger, thoughhe missed it from close quarters numerous times, he has not sighted it yet, till this date [14 Mar 19. He Truthfully states it Exactly like that.

There were lot of Pressure from well wishers to state that he has sighted it, as that will help in more people comming forward to conserve this Extremely Rare Species.

But Dijo Thomas Refused to tell the lie, even for a Good Purpose.

Dijo Thomas always was not afraid to Speak the Truth. He had criticised the wrong action of certain groups which will affect the society negatively. As a result he had been attacked by the Criminals and the Mafias directly and indirectly many times.

When a person Speaks Truthfully, that hurts a Lot of People, that also earns a Lot of Enemies.




Who is Mainly Attacking Dijo Thomas, behind the back, for Many Years now?

What is the Real Reason for the Attack?

  • Roman Catholics - Christian Fanatics have been attacking Dijo Thomas as he had opposed Religious Fanaticism & Criminal Activities of Roman Catholic Church.
  • They are also making sure that Neelagiri Kaduva is not Found out or Protected just because Dijo Thomas was the one who have discovered it
  • They bribe Corrupt Kerala Police Officers to snoop Dijo Thomas's E-Mail, Phone etc. & to Conduct a Smear Campaign against him Clandestinely.
  • Certain Political Leaders & Parties in Kerala help them.
  • The E-Mails of Dijo Thomas are regularly sooped upon by the above Criminals,E-mails deleted brfore he can Read them. His Websites are hacked regularly & Information, Pages, Pictures etc. Deleted or Altered.
  • Roman Catholics are the Biggest Criminal Mafia in the World

Roman Catholic Fanatics whom I had opposed in my home village, is trying to oppose me & my findings, with active help from Christian (mainly Roman Catholics) Religious Fanatics/Church & some rough elements in the police, who had taken bribes. They are tapping phones illegally & opposing my social & environmental activities. They had been, for the past many years, tapping my phone, secretly contacting my clients & others, frightening them, & forcing them not to give any website orders to me. They had also many times contacted those who were working for me, turned them against me, & had made them abandon projects midway, incurring huge losses for me & my clients. This had forced me to stop taking web-designing orders. This has also forced me to stop using mobile phones.

Their actions are Very Serious violations of my Human Rights.

Eventhough they had violated my rights & had done huge injustice to me, as the present system in Kerala & India is totally corrupt, including Politicians, Police, Judges etc., it is impossible to get Justice, unless you take to arms.

They have also been influencing Media persons so that the finding about Neelagiri Kaduva don't come out. They have been for many years (17 years), attacking me in all possible ways, as I am a person who have been speaking out the truth.

The main reason why they are against me is because I have been opposing Religious Extremism of Roman Catholic Church, including religious Conversions.

You can guess their crookedness as they have bribed even a few RSS persons through money & 'gifts'.

I have been poisoned three times in the past 4 years, including 2011 in Wayanad & in February 2015 again in Wayanad. I was totally sick for about 6 months in 2011 & 4 months in 2015. I had to take medicines for many months before I was able to even walk normally.

I have, for the past 9 years, not been able to live in my house due to attacks by them. When I filed a case, they bribed the police, turned them against me & made sure that they also harassed me. These persons belong to the same group of Roman Catholic Church, who Raped & Killed Sister Abhaya.

Dijo Thomas has been doing a Personal Campaign against the Criminal Activities of Roman Catholic Church, like Religious Conversions of Hindus, Sister Abhaya murder case, Bhishop Franco Mullenackal Rape Case, & many others since College Days.

Roman Catholic Church is protecting the culprits & obstructing Justice in Sister Abhaya murder case, Bhishop Franco Mullenackal Rape Case & Many Other Cases.

These persons belong to the same group, who Raped & Killed Sister Abhaya. It is the Roman Catholic Church, "following the teachings of Jesus Christ", which is protecting the culprits & obstructing Justice in Sister Abhaya murder case. If not for the lone fight put up by Jomon Puthenpurakkal, this case would have been long forgotten.

Bhishop Franco Mullenackal had Raped a Sister Repeatedly, again it is the Roman Catholic Church, which is protecting him.

There are Hundreds of other Rape Cases, many involving Homo-Sexual Rape of Minors by Priests & Bhishops in India alone, which have been silenced - Accused Protected / Victims Attacked , Threatened & Scilenced, by Roman Catholic Church.

The NHRC, Activists & Media should look into those.

If anybody approaches you against me, kindly make sure that you catches it on mobile, informs me first through e-mail & then directly in person. Kindly make sure that you inform me directly in person as otherwise it may not reach me.

Dijo Thomas


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