Since 1998, the First Aero-India that he participated, Dijo Thomas had been widely Respected for his Depth in the Analysis regarding Defence and Foreign Affairs; & for bringing out hidden Facts.

Other Analysts & Reporters regularly consult him to know the Hidden facts about different aspects of Defence & Foreign Affairs.

Dijo Thomas is a Strategic Analyst - One of the very few in the world Combining both Defence & Foreign Affairs.



 Dijo Thomas is Greately Respected for his Depth in the Analysis regarding Defence and Foreign Affairs; & for bringing out the hidden Facts

"Mr Thomas, are you Privy to the decisions taken by the Cabinet Committee on Security?" - A visibly shocked M. Natarajan, the then Chief of DRDO & Scientific Adviser to Raksha Mantri; asked Dijo Thomas in a tightly packed Official Press Conference of DRDO chief in 2009. Those were his exact words.

Mr. M. Natarajan was very much shocked because, the issue that Dijo Thomas raised, through Deep Analysis, was impossible to find out, by anyone. That particular facts/information was available to the Cabinet Committee on Security only.

He then went on to explain, before the mass of National & International Journalists, why he was shocked by the Question raised by Dijo Thomas.

The same Question was raised by P. Chidambaram, the then Finance Minister, when M. Natarajan was briefing the Cabinet Committee on Security. But P. Chidambaram had all the facts in the Top Secret Files before him, whereas Dijo doesn't.

Dijo Thomas found out those details by Complicated Analysis of multiple tit bit datas, which is a normally imposible task.

Dijo Thomas considers the above Question by Mr. M. Natarajan to be a Great Honour & the Greatest Award regarding Defence and Foreign Affairs Analysis.


Mr. M. Natarajan, the then chief of the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) & Scientific Adviser to Raksha Mantri, during Aero India 2009.

He is one of the most distinguished Scientists in India. He is credited with designing & developing the MBT Arjun in CVRDE, Avadi, which he headed for a long time.







 Weapon Systems Developer 

1. He was the first one to suggest that Fighter LCA’s length should be increased by 1m. in 2005 {Mark2} .

Now ADA accepted his suggestions / came to the same conclusions in 2013 & is working on LCA Mark2.

2. He was the first one to suggest that LCA should be Developed into MMCA of about 17m Length in 2015 {Mark3}, with maximum commonality of Components.

In fact, that was the Main Issue raised by Dijo Thomas in the Press Conference of DRDO / ADA Chiefs in Aero-India 2017.

ADA accepted his suggestions / came to the same conclusions in Feb 2019 & is working on MMCA - Medium Weight Fighter {MWF}




 Weapon Systems Developer 

Stealth is the most Important factor in Modern Defence.

He is working on a new Method on Stealth - which is Shape Independent & Platform Independent.





 Staunch Vocal Supporter of Indigenization & DRDO / ADA etc. [also PSUs like HAL, BDL, BEL, BEML etc..]

Dijo Thomas had been Strongly Supporting Indigenization of Defence Products, there are many direct & indirect attacks against him for that, for many years now.

As journalists & Defence Analysts from all over India knows, he had been a strong supporter of DRDO, HAL, ADA, BEL, Indian Navy etc. in their efforts in developing & producing weapons locally in India.
Those journalists attending Aero-India & other Defence events may recall many instances when I did that.
In 2015 Aero-India, in the official Press Conference of the then Air Chief Marshall, he told point blank at him:"Chief, the Indian Air Force is trying to Scuttle the LCA Project. ............ "

It was an effort by him to Save the LCA Project, which IAF tried to obstruct in many ways, especially during that period.





Senior Defence-FA Analyst DijoThomas speaks to ETV on Surgerical Strikes 2 - on 26 Feb 19.

[Telecasted on 27 Feb 19].

Temporary Location:



On 26 Feb 19 he told ETV:

Dijo Thomas said that Surgerical Strike was a very essential one.

But the one on just the terrorist camps alone will Not have a deep impact in the long run, he said.

To make Pakistan abstain from Terrorism in future, he told, India should Target Pakistan Military Establishments & not just terrorist camps.

On 26 Feb 19 he predicted to ETV:

1. Pakistan will Not dare to escalate the conflict.

2. Pakistan, to save face, will drop a Few Bombs in some wastelands, just a few KMs inside Indian boundary, within 3-4 days.

3. China will NOT be able support Pakistan much & will NOT certainly carry out any manuvre in support of it.

The events unfolded Exactly as he Predicted, in the following days.





Dijo in front of LCA Tejas, a project that he supported to the hilt. He Defended ADA-DRDO in Press Conferences and otherwise to the Maximum Extent. Aero India 2015.

Akash SAM. Aero India 2017


Press Conference of Lockheed Martin. Aero India 2017




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