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Written: Sep 2018. Published: 07 Jan 2019

Stop Trying to Manage Pakistan; which is Impossible; just solve the problem permanently

 Indian Political Leaders Failed to Solve Pakistan Problem till date; They try to Manage it; end up Stage Managing it

Stop Trying to Manage Pakistan; which is Impossible; just solve the problem permanently.
Is Permanent solution Possible?
If so What is the solution for decades old Vethalam on India’s shoulder?

Kashmir is on the boil again. External Forces are trying to start the Punjab problem once again. Religious Terrorists conducts bomb attacks in other parts of India. One country, Pakistan, whose sole stated reason for existence is to destroy India, is behind all these attacks.

The Truth is that Indian political leaders, especially Prime Ministers & Defence Ministers through years, didn’t know how to solve the Pakistan tangle. So they try to manage it.

Pakistanis, who directs all crookedness against India; easily outwits the Indian political class; mainly because the latter reserves all their crookedness for poor helpless own Indian people. It is also because, Indian politicians, who uses all tricks on the book & much outside it, to win elections and to destroy enemies, are at loss for tricks and strategies, when it comes to Pakistan.

One has to understand that Kashmir problem is not in fact Kashmir problem, but “Pakistan problem”.

So isn’t a solution possible to the Pakistan problem?

Yes a solution is possible, but one through talks is not at all possible, as has been demonstrated numerous times. Then how can a permanent solution possible for the “Pakistan problem”?

Activation of D-FARPAE is the only solution.

What is D-FARPAE ? {Pronounced as D - FarPay}

I have named Timely, Necessary use of Solid Diplomatic efforts; or when that fails, in rare cases use of minimum military Force required, to solve external threats, which has serious consequences for India as D-FARPAE ie, Defence-Foreign Affairs Related Pro-Active Engagement. The above stated attitude of politicians, abstaining from D-FARPAE even though earned us a label of "Country that stands for peace"; if you analyse in the macro level, were counterproductive most of the time. Indian political leaders, traditionally, were apprehensive in using the Pro-active action and / or Military option {or D-FARPAE}, even when warranted.

Due to this irrational & paranoid aversion for Pro-active action / Military option, even when unavoidable; had led to numerous and substantial setbacks economically, politically, militarily etc. For India. Some of them plague us even today. Maldives is a very good example. It is time for us to learn from history and avoid repeating mistakes made in the past, and most importantly start using D-FARPAE during international crisis, to achieve positive results.

When Mohamed Nasheed, Maldives' first democratically-elected President, was unlawfully ousted in 2012, India kept mum. To be very frank, his over smartness to ignore India, a long term trusted ally, landed him in the present soup.

This eventually led to Abdulla Yameen being elected as the President. Though he pretended to be India's friend in the beginning, he later dumped India for China. Thus India had an unnecessary security complication right in its doorstep. A classic example of problems arising due to Indian leadership's lack of implementing D-FARPAE.

The continuing terrorist & other actions by Pakistan are the best example to show the dangers in not implementing D-FARPAE at the right time.


Limited Military Action, which brings required results, is the only solution.
A prolonged and costly war will not be preferred by any country. Countries have learned lot of lessons from 1st & 2nd World Wars. The deadly side of a war, especially its impact on civilian population on both sides should not be forgotten.

Therefore a Limited Military Action, which brings required results, is the only option. Moreover such an action only will bring a solution for the unlawful behaviour of Pakistan.

There is a danger in Conventional War or a Conventional Limited Military Action. They are:

The war can become a prolonged one.
The engagement can end in a stalemate in which neither side gains.
In the present context, the first is not a big threat, but the second is a big possibility. Therefore a Conventional War or a Conventional Limited Military Action is not the right one.

Limited Military Action, which is Very Unconventional, and which brings required results, is the correct mode of action.
A Very Unconventional Limited Military Action which teaches Pakistan a lesson which it will never forget is the correct mode of action to take. It should give a massive blow to them, which they will never forget. It should have such an impact that they should never dare to attack India overtly or covertly.

§ What does Very Unconventional Limited Military Action means?

For example when I discovered Neelagiri Kaduva [Tiger], as big as Tiger in 2014, conventional Scientific way of proving it was not possible. As there were 1. No pictures of the adult of Unknown Wild Animal attacking in Neyyar Dam nor

2. Direct sightings of it by Mr. Dijo Thomas (however more than 25 + people have seen it there).

3. DNA Test Result was sabotaged by the Kerala Forest Department & has Not been Released till this moment.

Therefore in Neyyar dam Neelagiri Kaduva Tiger disovery, I invented a Novel method for the First time in the World, named F3B-NSPM {Facts, Features, Factors etc. Based - New Species Scientifically Proving Method}; to prove that the animal attacking there is a New Species. Now the discovery and F3B-NSPM Method has been approved by the scientific community.

Do not harbour any doubt that whether I am speaking about Nuclear option. No, not at all. I prefer not to state the exact Order of Battle or the Unconventional Limited Military Action Plan due to obvious reasons.

Who should prepare the Unconventional Limited Military Action Plan?
‘The Armed Forces’, which may be the answer that comes to most persons mind. But it is not. Armed forces are trained to think and act conventionally. They may be able to change the Tactical tactics a little, but they can’t certainly prepare a Unconventional Limited Military Action Plan. The problem with the conventional strategy is that the a plan prepared by an Indian General can be guessed by a Pakistani General, as both were trained in almost the same way.

An Unconventional Limited Military Action Plan should be prepared by a Extraordinary Military Strategist, who is a civilian. In History there are ample examples of Extraordinary Military Strategists like Napoleon Bonaparte, Adolf Hitler [though he was very cruel, he can be considered a Military Genius] etc. who were not exactly form the Military, but won numerous wars with their extraordinary Military Strategies.

In the Indian context it should be the Defence Minister who should be that Extraordinary Military Strategist who should prepare the action plan which is at the same time Unconventional, Un-failable & achieve the required results.

Dijo Thomas


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Why Do I Advocate D-FARPAE {Defence-Foreign Affairs Related Pro-Active Engagement} in the form of Limited Military Action to Solve Pakistan Problem?

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