The Hindu is Barred from Publishing News on any Discovery by Dijo Thomas; now or in future.

Mathrubhumi & Malayala Manorama are also Barred from Publishing any Discovery by Dijo Thomas; now or in future.


The Hindu is the Biggest Fraud in Media that I have seen.

They Dont have any respect for Truth.

Any number of examples can be given for it. Just one here.

When Kerala CPM government claimed falsily that 54 young women visited Sabarimala, they published it with Maximum importance.

The next day, all other newspapers did an investigation & found that the CPM government’s claim was totally false, & published that prominently. But The Hindu not only did Not try to verify it, but published that fact in a few sentences in an inner page were nobody will see it. This is just one example.

The Hindu is a pro-communist news paper. A newspaper which tilts stongly to one party will not, anyway be truthful.

Dijo Thomas


Mathrubhumi & Malayala Manorama are also Barred from Publishing any Discovery by Dijo Thomas; now or in future.

Times of India is the second least Truthful news paper in India. They were also caught in News-for-Money sting operation.


A : The News about Discovery of Neelagiri Kaduva has been reported in all Prominent Newspapers, which are Truthful & Genuine. People tend to equate Newspaper with Max. no. of Circulation to Truthfullness; but, especially in Kerala the opposite is True.

Everyone knows that Mangalam [2 Reports], Kerala Kaumudi [2 Reports] & Madhyamam are the 3 Newspapers that report most Truthfully & Boldly in Kerala – & they gave detailed coverage about Discovery of NeelagiriKaduva & inaction of Chief Wildlife Warden G. Harikumar, – the one who is opposing the Conservation of NeelagiriKaduva. & Forest Dept.

I thank Mangalam, Kerala Kaumudi, Deccan Chronicle, Madhyamam, Rashtra Deepika [2 Reports], TCV, ACV, VCV & Deepika for the Support for a Very Important Conservation effort.

Those Newspapers which didn’t report about the Discovery of NeelagiriKaduva ARE the ones which could be Influenced by the Kerala Forest Department / Politicians / My Enemies.


Why didn’t the Report come in any English News Paper in Kerala? [Except Deccan Chronicle – Thrissur & Ernakulam Bureau which reported on 01 April 2016 ]

All the English News Paper in Trivandrum were strongly influenced by the Criminal Mafias.

This was because if the report came in English News Papers; people & Environmental Activists outside Kerala & India will come to know about it. And they may put Prussure on the Kerala Forest Department. Which they wanted to avoid at any cost. Till Date [03 July 2016] other English News Papers have Refused to Publish this Important Discovery & even more Important Conservation effort.

The Reporter of Indian Express in Thrissur wrote an article after he himself did a study on Neelagiri Kaduva by randomly finding out Eye Witness who saw it in Wayanad [without my help] in early 2017.. He wrote an elaborate report & sent it to Kochi Bureau. There all top persons, including the Bureau Chief & Resident Editor of Indian Express were Roman Catholics, who prevented the report from being published.

The reason given was the most Fantastic - they want to "make the article more important with more details about me", which they have Not finished even after 3 years.

But in Indian Express Andhra Pradesh published a very detailed report on 13 Nov 2018.

Deccan Chronicle is the most Truthful & Bold English News Paper in South India.

Thrissur Bureau of Deccan Chronicle published a very balanced & Truthfull all Kerala Reort on 01 April 2016. I thank them for the Support for a Very Important Conservation effort.

Later the main Bureau Chief of Deccan Chronicle in Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh published another excellent story on 26 Sep 2018.

Deccan Chronicle, without doubt, can be said to be the most Truthful & Bold English News Paper in South India.


Why didn’t Malayala Manorama, Largest circulated in Kerala, where Neelagiri Kaduva was discovered, publish a Report?

It is very well known that Malayala Manorama is a stong pro-Christian newspaper. As Dijo Thomas left Christianity, Malayala Manorama didn’t publish report.


Dijo Thomas


I request the Bangalore Media to be Genuine ……

I had earlier found out that Bangalore Media, as a whole, is the Least Truthful in South India.

They regard Religion & Political Inclination of the News than the Truth.

It is a negative bolt for one of the Ancient Culture in India, from where the famous Carnatic stream of Music developed.

It is a negative bolt for Karnataka, where the Great Basavanna, the 12th Century Social Reformer lived, who preached against Casteism.

In 2017 my Enemies – Kerala Police SB [Intelligence Wing] & Corrupt Kerala Politicians – had influenced many Karnataka media not to publish news about Neelagiri Kaduva.

However Praja Vani, the Largest Circulated in Karnataka had published an Excellent report.

Dijo Thomas.

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