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I Request a Judicial Probe against Myself : Dijo Thomas

Open Letter to: CJI of India & Other Supreme Court Judges, Copy to Judges of all High Courts

Which is the Biggest Criminal Mafia in Human History? Sure enough, outrunning all others by a large margin, it is Roman Catholics & their Church Establishment.


The Hindu is Barred from Publishing News on any Discovery by Dijo Thomas; now or in future.

Mathrubhumi & Malayala Manorama are also Barred from Publishing any Discovery by Dijo Thomas; now or in future.


Is “Attack against Children” false propaganda used by my Criminal Enemies against me behind the back?

I have reasons to doubt that such a campaign is done against me.

I came against such a possible campaign being done by these Mafias & Criminals, by some indirect hints by a social worker in Thrissur in 2017.

This could have been started by the highly Crooked Roman Catholics, & then later taken by others, as it is a convenient tool to Tarnish an Activist’s image.

Their strategy was that nobody will tell me of such a campaign, therefore I will be unable to defend myself. As I will not even become aware that such a campaign is done.

I came across such a campaign in Auroville recently.

If u came against such an accusition against me, & didn’t question me on it, then you are Not a Genuine person.

If anyone come across such a campaign, then they should inform me.

Dijo Thomas

September 5, 2019


Typical Example of the Modus Operandi by Dijo Thomas’s Enemies to Target him: A Case Study in Auroville

> 1. He was Electronically Tracked & Destination found out even before reaching Auroville

> 2. Some Aurovillians were informed that Dijo Thomas was 1. Working for Narendra Modi / 2. a dangerous person etc. & should be Framed with Allegations

> 3. Within days Kerala Police SB [Intelligence Wing] identified Aurovillians {including a few in Working Committee] who could be brought with Money

> 4. IB {Central Government] may also have helped Kerala Police SB as they are also against Activism of any sort. Also because DT had stated that EVMs can be manipulated


I had given a complaint to the Working Committee of Auroville, many weeks back, but I am yet to get a response.

Dijo Thomas



Sexual Allegation against CJI Ranjan Gogoi

The Judiciary had done many wrong actions, but used to cover it by threat of "Contempt of Court" law. The Judges, by their actions, make it clear that they are above law. It cannot be allowed any longer.

There should be an Independent System of Eminent Citizens, who should be the Judges, in case an allegation comes against a sitting Judge.

Subsequent actions by him are Quite Illegal & against application of Natural Justice.

If the Highest Judicial Officer in India is behaving this way, No other Proof is necessary to see that the System is highly flawed.

Injustices done by Judges comes home to roost.

Imeachment Procedure against Judges should be made Simple

1. At the same time there should be checks to ensure that it is not misused by corrupt politicians against truthful Judges

2. The procudure to dismiss a Corrupt Judge should made simple.

3. There should be an easy & verifiable process to conduct Enquiry into corruption allegations against Judges

Religious Conversions of Hindus by Roman Catholic Church should be prevented at all Costs.

Strict Laws should be made against Religious Conversions

Special Court should be formed to try such cases

Narendra Modi tries to trap Dijo Thomas, in Gudivada

When I visited Gudiwada, by the invitation of two Stunt Masters in Telugu Film industry, who are twins; in a function in a College there, a person approached me and said that he is the Chairman of the TDP steering Commette & gave me his number.

In the evening, in another function, he appeared again. By then, I was sure that he was lieing, as he didn't have the capacity to be the Chairman of the TDP steering Commette. I called the number that he gave & the call went to phone in Gujarat. A woman was on the other side.

When I questioned him, he told that as he was a VIP, he had many phones & one of his phone was in Gujarat. Then I took his photo.

It was an attempt to trap me as Modi & BJP had suspected that I was trying to find out how EVMs were being hacked.


Dijo Thomas


1. An attempt to murder Kidnap & Murder me in Palini on the night of 19-20 Oct 2019  

An attempt to murder Kidnap & Murder me in Palini on the night of 19-20 Oct 2019. Complaint given to the TN Police.

Dijo Thomas

2. Tea with poison given in Kothagiri  

On 16 Nov 19, on the bus from Ooty to Kothagiri, a person claiming to be Deepak Saravanan [Ph given to me by him: 9787668488], came to me in the bus & invited to a Bunglow in Kothagiri [I didn't approch him in the bus, he purposefully approched me & immediately invited me. His Bunglow in Kothagiri, he claimed he has taken on lease, to stay the night.

As I knew it was a trap, I took Deepak first to a person in a Bakery, in the building adjucent to the Kothagiri bus stand, whom I knew earlier.

Then Deepak took me to his Bunglow [1 km in the Nawa Road], & later introduced to 2 couples, whom he claimed to be stoners [those who take drugs].

In the night, he gave me tea with poison. The next day my legs were swollon, & puss was comming.

Deepak is just a front for other criminals. I have observed that there is a big campaign going against me in Ooty, Kothagiri, Koonor etc.

Dijo Thomas





Dijo Thomas Jailed by CPM & CPI Government for Preventing their huge Corruption, to Promote & Extend the Tenure of G. Harikumar of Kerala Forest Department, the Main Brain behind Poaching of 186 Wild Elephants

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