26 Dec 2018

Who are the 2 Best Chief Ministers in India?

A person may answer this question according to his Political inclination; but that may not be truthful. When we approach this question without political bias or any other bias; I would say that Two persons stand well above the others; as a result of their outstanding ability in Administration and pro-people style of functioning.

The two Best Chief Ministers in India are Arvind Kejriwal of Delhi and Nara Chandrababu Naidu of Andhra Pradesh.

Nara Chandrababu Naidu

If you ask me to describe Nara Chandrababu Naidu in one word; I would say that he is a Visionary. What does that mean? Visionary is a sparingly used word in Inda, especially in politics. The reason, I would say, is simply because we have very few Visionaries in India. Visionaries are persons who are able to see what others usually don’t see; but also ones who are able to plan differently for their Society. They are also able to plan into the future.

I have been observing Chandrababu Naidu since he became Chief Minister for the first time. He seemed sincere in whatever he did. He was able to change the destiny of Hyderabad & Andhra Pradesh like few leaders were able to do in any state. He saw the future potential of IT and was able to attract lot of investments. The two may simple, but both are difficult and Herculean tasks. He was able to develop Hyderabad into the Hot IT destination in India. That went a long way for the development of AP as a whole.
In his latest stint as the CM of a divided Andhra, he was left with little resources, as a major income sources of united AP went to Telangana along with Hyderabad, the major revenue generating region.

Here I would like to state that the people of Andhra Pradesh had made a Big mistake.
When Telangana people demanded to divide AP; they should have asked for compensation directly from Telangana. It could have been like a Rs. 60,000 to 80,000 crores, to be paid over a period of 5 years. They could have asked this compensation for a forced division of the state and for their part of efforts in developing Hyderabad. It would be also for the various difficulties that the people of Andhra Pradesh would face when the state was divided. It would also cover part of the cost for developing the new capital city.

But despite many hurdles, over a period of 4 years he moved AP into a fast developing state in India. Not only that, he also moved AP into the top slot in various development indexes in India.

I find a serious error of judgment by Naidu in one area. He thinks a growing population is good for the state’s development. But I would say that it is a short sighted view and will be very much counterproductive in the long run. In this particular issue, I think he needs to rethink.
To understand his competence, after Hudund Typhoon in 2014, which created a vast destruction in Vishakapattanam, he was able to restore normalcy in less than a month. The people told me that he parked his caravan in Vizag, and from there directed the rescue and restoration.

An Efficient Administrator

He is also effectively using IT in implementing & monitoring of various schemes. When I visited the interim Secretariat in Amaravati, I was impressed to find that each washroom has a feedback system in place.

In his former stint in power, he made a great mistake of ignoring the farmers and paid dearly. So at present he is paying special attention to them. Various Irrigation Projects across the state are one of them. A big canal is being constructed at accelerated phase to take the waters of the mighty Godavari River across many districts to the northern most one at Srikakulam.

While I was in Vijayawada many had raised the problem of converting vast tracts of fertile land to develop the new capital city. I think he has already taken that fact into consideration and aims to balance it by providing irrigation to arid regions in the state, presently under cultivation only a few months a year due to draught. When they get year round irrigation, it will enable farmers to produce at least twice their current production. In addition to that, newly irrigated areas will vastly outnumber the roughly 30,000 acres or 100 Sq. Kms that he aims to develop the Amaravati in.

For a Green Andhra Pradesh
Chandrababu Naidu has rightly understood the importance for conserving nature. He is taking many steps to promote Natural Farming in Andhra Pradesh. For that he has roped in the legendary Subash Palekkar.
Vanam Manam scheme of the government aims to plant crores of trees all over AP. He also declared that 30% of Amaravati would be a green belt with no development activities allowed. I would like to caution him to conserve the forests in and around Vishakapattanam, a highly polluted city, as it will be disastrous for the state.

The forest in the beach road is a very unique Eco-System in the world, where the Sea, Forests and the mountains meet. He should also take care to conserve all the forests throughout AP with a mother’s vigil. This includes not only the large forests, but specially the small disjoined ones. Increasing the forest cover in Srikakulam and other costal districts will diminish the effects of the regular cyclones that visit the state. I have a theory for the reason of high number of cyclones, and am planning to study it further.
Internationally also, he is the best known among all the Chief Ministers in India. A much appreciated one at that.

Arvind Kejriwal

Arvind Kejriwal is a Stand-Alone Leader in not only Indian Politics, but in the world itself.
He was one of the leaders of the RTI movement, headed by Anna Hazare. They led a very popular peoples’ struggle, outside of the regular party political brands. A big rarity in India. Along with other Activists, they took the peaceful struggle to victory. Another rarity.
When the latter stayed clear from party politics, the former decided to take a plunge right into the greatly difficult area of muddy politics, rather poli-tricks in India. It is, any day, a very difficult decision for a honest person to take.

He formed the AAP, the Aam Admi Party. Paying justice to the literal meaning of the name, meaning the ordinary man’s party, he took his newly formed party to an astonishing victory in Delhi elections with the help of the the peoples movement. He defeated the strong infrastructure of two national parties by mobilizing the common-man. An unusual feat.
From the fact that still Congress and BJP both consider him as a major enemy clearly indicates that he is delivering.

Delhi government under Arvind Kejriwal launches a large number of people friendly schemes.
One of the first steps that he took after taking charge was to stop the exploitation of electric companies and to reduce tariff. The charges of Water and Sewer Development have been reduced considerably and nearly 12,56,883 domestic water connections have got benefitted from the free water supply of 20,000 litres per month. One of the main problems facing Delhiwas pollution and the Odd-Even rule was implemented to control the increasing pollution in the capital.

Women and Child Department appointed Protection Officers for making sure that Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act, 2005 is implemented. Delhi Government launched its first 'Car-Free Day' on October 22,2015 with chief minister leading a cycle rally, in which over 1000 cyclists took part in the event which encouraged people to use public transport.

A major people friendly initiative of Arvind Kejriwal government was to bring 40 services to one’s doorstep. It offers applicants for 40 public services spanning eight departments the possibility of staying at home and having a “mobile sahayak” (mobile assistant) do the legwork for a “pre-fixed facilitation fee”. The services vary from marriage registration, caste and income domicile to water connections, driving licences, pension schemes, permanent IDs for disabled, land record reports and registration of construction workers. It saves time, prevent corruption and harassment and ensure time-bound service delivery without repeated visits to offices.

But the task of ruling the capital city was not hassle free. He had to battle the centre Government, the Lt. Governor, the Police, fight it out in the court, and even on the streets. The fact that he delivered despite all this shows that he is an extraordinary leader.
The highlight is that he is doing all this without any allegation of corruption. It also says a lot about him.
One serious allegation is that his style of functioning is autocratic, due to which some of his strong colleagues parted ways. I would say that when a person is delivering beautifully, with pro-people measures, the autocratic mode may not be a problem at all, as it ensures a good governance that most other parties fail to exhibit.

The BJP should lay its hand off these two.
I would say that, the two Best Chief Ministers in India Arvind Kejriwal and Nara Chandrababu Naidu should not be attacked, the way now they are being targeted by BJP. It is certainly not the way that a country should be run. The people would immediately sense that there is something wrong with a party that attacks the two best Chief Ministers. It has certainly contributed to the erosion of the popularity of the BJP.

At the same time Modi has a Role.

I think that Narendra Modi, however his enemies criticize, has a role to play. It is to end the Pakistan Problem permanently. I think he is the best one to do that, being a strong leader. Certainly there is no other leader in India, at present, who can do that. Rahul Gandhi, despite whatever his mummy thinks, is too weak for that.


I would also advise Modi not to wait for a second term in office to do that. He also need not wait for the S-400 to arrive. There are ways to do it Unconventionally.

If he fails to end the Pakistan Problem permanently, after all the hype created about Modi image, history would view him as a person that failed. Let that not be.

Dijo Thomas


[Events after Pulwama & Surgerical Strikes 2 clearly shows that N Modi clearly failed to Solve Pakistan Problem. Like all PMs before him, except Indira Gandhi, he is just stage managing.]

Stop Trying to Manage Pakistan; which is Impossible; just solve the problem permanently

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